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Guitar Lessons in Atlanta, GA

Guitar lessons in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

For nearly 30 years Maple Street Guitars has been a primary destination for guitar lessons in Atlanta. Our mission has ever been to help people of all ages become the guitar players they've always wanted to be, and we have tried to achieve this goal by offering the best guitar lessons in Atlanta!

What sets our guitar lessons apart is the experience, academic background and commitment of our teachers. Their professional stage experience, their formal music training and their years of teaching have given them the ability to structure carefully what each student needs in order to improve his skills and musicianship.

Because each person has a different image of himself as a guitar player, it is important to work with an instructor who shares the musical passions of the student, who is excited by the same music styles, who has studied closely all the unique technical components of a style, and who can communicate effectively all the means to achieve a successful result. Our teachers are very versatile stylistically; however, they each have areas of specialization. We try to pair student and teacher to match musical interests.

One of the cool aspects of taking guitar lessons at Maple Street Guitars is the opportunity to be exposed to many different guitar styles. While waiting for a guitar lesson, a student can hear other students who are taking jazz guitar lessons, solo fingerstyle (classical) lessons, classic rock and heavy metal, songwriting and accompaniment and bass guitar lessons, etc. We work together to give students every opportunity to explore the full range of making music on the guitar; sometimes that may entail working with a different teacher to explore other avenues of guitar playing.

We teach guitar lessons to a broad spectrum of students - from young children to grandparents, from rank beginners who have never played a musical instrument to professionals who want to improve their technique and broaden their horizons.

All guitar lessons are conducted at our location off Peachtree road near the intersection with Piedmont road inside Atlanta city limits. Our studio is a well-lit, congenial environment. Our fees are affordable: $30 per half hour, payable on a monthly basis. Lessons take place Monday through Saturday, with evening lessons available Monday through Thursday.

Most of our guitar lessons are private, one-on-one experiences in which the student receives the full attention of the teacher. We also offer small group classes and specially focused clinics and workshops.

For full details on pricing and teaching staff biographies, please see our Lessons page.

Arrange for lessons by telephone: 404-231-5214
or fax : 404-231-5529

Come join your friends, neighbors and fellow guitar players at Maple Street - discover all that the guitar can be as a means for self-expression !